This site contains essays and other information about the Boer War produced by the site owner, Dr Robert Eales . These materials were mostly prepared for other purposes, for example for presentation at conferences. They are published here to make them generally accessible. 

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Are there lessons we should have learned from a war we have almost forgotten?

An essay on the origins and consequences of the war and the relevance for now. 


The work of Emily Hobhouse in the Boer War

A brief review of the activities of this remarkable woman during the fighting and back in England



Morant, the expendable icon

Controversy rages in Australia: Were Morant and his co-accused wrongly convicted and executed during the BW or were they serial mass murderers as the courts-martial found. This essay does not support the case for a pardon. 


Recent photographs of subjects relevant to the Boer War


A detailed chronology of the Boer War 

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The Boer War or Anglo-Boer War is more properly called the South African War of 1899-1902. This is because many peoples and nations were embroiled in the conflict, not only Boers and Brits. The broader name acknowledges especially that the black inhabitants of southern Africa were extensively engaged.  'The Boer War’ remains a convenient short title.

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